James O'Connor

Cowboy/Bounty Hunter


Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Ordo Draculi
Mask: Competitor
Dirge: Deviant
Disciplines: Protean (3 dots)
Touchstone: Locket with a picture of his daughter.

Acquire wealth: That drive to better provide a better life for his family is still strong. He looks forward to capturing his prey and getting his just rewards.

Acquire gun collection: After that fateful night, he swore to always keep a form of protection at hand. Guns, old west style! He must always have a gun nearby or on his person.

Advance in status in clan: Another form of protection. Advance in his status and build a name for himself so (hopefully) he will never be challenged again.


James O’Connor was your typical man. Married with one child, a daughter, he sought out to make a better life for his family. That’s why he moved out west during the gold rush movement. That’s where things went horribly wrong. Not long after setting up camp, him and his family were attacked by another claims settler from another near by camp. Suddenly a stranger appeared to save the day. Sadly too late to save James’ wife, and half dead himself… this stranger turned him into an immortal vampire. This savior taught him the nature of himself and how to commune with animals. He can even take on forms of those creatures he devours. Fearing for his daughters safety, he sent her away to live with relatives in the California territory. The only thing to keep him grounded is a precious locket with a picture of his daughter. To this day, he keeps a careful eye on daughters children, grandchildren, etc.

James O'Connor

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